Lessons from Nature

One of the beautiful way for celebrating Earth Day and enjoy our mother Earth is to draw lessons from it and make it a part of our existence, so that we do not have to learn these lessons the hard way. The greatest threat to humanity so far is the climate crisis, with the capability to devastate civilizations and destroy the whole species. Naturalist Sir David Attenborough reaffirmed this. The best chance is to learn from our mother nature itself to avert this.

The first inspiration we could draw from is Balance.

The lesson of resilience is equally critical.

Another strong inspiration that can be draw from mother Earth is Adaptation.

Nature does hails coexistence and also celebrates diversity.

In every facet of nature creativity is embedded and only creativity can help humans extract out of the mess we have created.

Published by thebuzzonearth

BuzzOnEarth is the leading sustainability hub dedicated to mainstreaming environment action, wellness and co-existence. BoE has its audiences in 190+ countries, 8000+ cities, and growing every day a one-stop-shop for sustainability stories, innovations, thought-leadership and eco-friendly brands. We are defining sustainability edge as the new growth imperative. BuzzOnEarth is rated among the Top 10 sustainability YouTube channels globally and #1 from India for 2020.

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